SweaterXL aka Spencer Jerome Matthews.  Born and raised in Utrecht The Netherlands. With African American roots he grew up with the sound of Motown.

In the eighties he felt the passion for dance music, with Ben Liebrand as his favorite DJ, and started experimenting with dance mixing. In 1984 he won a mix championship in Cartouch Utrecht and after that his mixes where played on several radio stations. He also  performed in several clubs.

After a break of 30 years he started to pick up the passion for mixing in 2014. It did not take very long to get familiar with the new techniques.  Listeners can recognize his mixes by the combination of voice and the melodic music lines he uses.

Since 2015 his Ultimate Dance Mixes could be heard on several Radio Stations in The Netherlands. In 2018 Spencer joined JammFM Radio and started  MasterMixers@Work which grew to such a success that MasterMixers@Work became its on radio station in cooperation with JammFM Radio.