DJ Noisy Neighbour

DJ Noisy Neighbour is born and raised in The Netherlands. For as long as he can remember, he was always busy with music. For three years he was resident DJ of the show Master Hardcore Tracks on a Dutch radio station Zaan Radio. After a while, the show changed from hardcore to groovy club sounds with the new name Clubnight. From that moment, Noisy Nature was caught by the DJ virus and he wanted more. He became a resident DJ of several clubs, like the Richter, Dance Roads, The Living Room, Subway and the Kade, entertaining the party people with club sounds. When not working at night, he could be found behind the turntables at the Line-Up after parties.

Through the years, he listened to more and more different dance styles other than club and started to take interest in Progressive Deephouse, Psy Trance, Goa Trance and techno. DJ Sasha is his biggest hero because of his mesmerizing sound, One of his dreams in his DJ career is to perform at small intimate events, Internationally. His dream is to get the audience totally mad at the world wide festivals and Ibiza, a mind-blowing set on Ibiza is high on his wish list.

Lately, besides his gigs, Noisy Neighbour have spent a lot of time on listening to and selecting new music, making new mixes, since he changed his name from DJ Jorren B. to Noisy Nature. A new world has opend.