DJ Da Seyko

DJ DA SEYKO: Techno DJ and music lover from the Netherlands, DJ DA SEYKO’s techno sets are known for the ACID, Rave, and oldschool influences with a BPM range between 126 and 136 BPM. Also, the more deep, melodic, and groovy styles of techno are regularly featured in his techno sets.
His passion and love for electronic music started in the late ’80s at the age of 15, at the age of 17 he bought his first record players and mixer to learn the art of DJing. Back in the days, he played mostly techno end early rave hardcore on vinyl. Nowadays at the age of 47, his passion for techno music is even stronger dan before, to share techno music and make people happy with techno music is his motivation to keep on DJing.