Marc Ket aka MARREKIE: Music has ALWAYS played a big part in Marc’s life.
His parents were very important in this, because at home the radio was ALWAYS ON or MUSIC was playing.
When his mother put James Last on clogs (1969), he almost broke off the box in which he was lying. (so the visitor attraction was born)

Later that grew into his great love and passion…. MUSIC…! Music became his everything.
In his teens he came into contact with the terms MIXEN.
So that was saving for two record players and a mixing console and then all the pocket money went to the records.
He played every month in a community center and also in sports clubs and even in a beach tent.

In the meantime, he visited several discotheques and eventually ended up in his favorite discotheque IT where he enjoyed the arts of the DJs (It, Vigilance, Lexion, … etc)

Then in the late 1990s he emigrated to Spain and it all came to a halt. When he returned, the blood flowed where it cannot go and he started to pick up the Mixing again at home.
That was picked up through social media and so MARREKIE could be heard on different radio stations with his mixes, and now he is 1 of the MASTERMIXERS@Work & on  JammFMRadio.

Marc’s Music preference is: Tech House, Jackin ‘House, Re-Edit’s, House, Club House, and Deep House.