Diego Espanol

Ciao everybody, my name is Diego and, despite “Espanol”, I’m italian. The nickname came out a lot of years ago, when I was a young boy with a strong passion for Spain and for the myth of Ibiza clubs. In August 2021 I’m 47…simply to say: too late to change “Espanol” now! 😉

I started djing at the age of 14 with some other djs’ support, as I had no means to buy the necessary turntables and mixer; step by step I could get all the equipment in order to give voice to my hobby and creativity.

Over the time I had the chance to play in some discopubs and in a few clubs. I had a break of some years, when the vinyl record was replaced by the digital format, but djing has always been my passion, so in 2015 I started getting familiar with the new pc software and in 2020 I finally had a new controller for mixing, because I was strongly missing the manual part of this activity.

I always loved house music since late ‘80s. Now I mainly play funky, nu-disco, vocal/soulful and some deep. My sessions are usually quite variegated, because if I like a track, I play it, no matter which kind we want to label it. The main point is to have fun and to entertain and that’s what I like to do by my music.