Bas Loubert

Bas Loubert:

Since 1979, at the age of 14, Bas started for the first time to play music for an audience.
That was the starting point of his early DJ carreer, which lasted up to 1986. From that time
Bas started a full time job in a complete different business, and Djíng could not be
combined with this new challange. But the interest for music remained to be alive.
From 2002, the full time job changed to another job, which gave him the opportunity to
focus on the music again. From 2004 he was offered to play in a Club again, and from
there on the journey in Housemusic kicked off.
Another challange also crossed his path: music production. In 2008 he won a remix
contest for Fusion Records.
That was also the kick off to produce House mixes on various Internet Radiostations. That
became quite busy and was consuming o lot of time, so music production had to step
In 2018, he picked up the music production again. At the end of 2018,Bas applied for
another remix contest, and won this one. From then on, he was invited to remix various
tracks for various labels. His tracks can be found on portals like Beatport and Traxsource.
Meanwhile, his House mixes became recognized also by various Internet Radiostations.
His favorite genre is; Funky/Groove/Jackin’ House. Every 2 weeks his mixes can be heard
on the World Wide Web on 5 differnet stations.