Steve Mendoza

Steve Mendoza: Not many people know that Steve actually started as a Light Jockey at the same Club in Noordwijk as where MasterMixers; Barry Djay and FrenzCook had their residency.

After years they got back in contact with each other and Steve got infected with the DJ virus as well. He more or less build the ultimate DJ studio setup at home that would make some venues jealous.

Through self teaching and a fast track course from long life friend Barry Djay he started making his own mixes. His House mixes have been aired on National and International radio stations. He is also an active member on the MixCloud and Mixcloud Live platform. Other than that you can catch him performing live at Beach Clubs and local venues.

Preffered music styles / genres that he loves to play; Deep-House, Tech-House, Classic-House, Groovy / Funky-House.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to add Steve Mendoza to the MasterMixers@Work team.