Sean Hendrix


Sean Hendrix, born on December 17th in Bussum, The Netherlands.
Even as a child he was already passionate about the radio business when living in The Hague. Late 1980s he came in touch with
growing radio piracy in The Hague and its nearby towns.

At the beginning of the 80s he started as disc jockey at the Radio Centraal station. From then on he drifted on to several stations as
Hofstad Radio, Radio Stad Den Haag, Super 106 België and night programs at the Radio 10 Gold station.
At the end of the 90s, Sean stopped presenting the radio programs and went on to focus on the production of music. His focus on house
music and the creation of remixes, especially giving dance classics a modern and new vibe, had a massive impact on his development
as a DJ.

Sean’s name got reputation through many guest performances where he performed his mixed dance classics.
Around 2000, Sean’s focus shifted. Deep House Music was the new course, which turned into an album by 2014: “DJs-Ontour Present Sean HendriX-Winter2014”.