Jose “DJose” Hernandez Biography

Jose “DJose” Hernandez hails out of Miami, Florida.  DJose became passionate with the art of mixing at the age 12 when he would watch his cousin DJ at home parties with a couple of turntables, a receiver and speakers by Fisher, a Sears brand.  It was 1977 and disco was it!  The disco scene was just getting started in Miami and all over, clubs were being opened spreading the disco craze.  Even teen discos became popular and DJose, a teen himself, would sneak out of his room late at night and walk several miles to get to a nearby teen disco.  By the age of 15 he had managed to purchase his first entry level DJ equipment and borrowed records, all disco, from his cousin.  Luckily, he was a huge Love & Kisses fan.  In a very short time, Jose grew his record inventory, amassing a huge collection of classic, Italo and freestyle disco heading into the mid 80’s.

He loved the nightlife found in the South Florida club scene and there was no day of the week where DJose was not to be seen at a local spot.  His favorites were typically not the mainstream disco’s and often went to clubs that played mostly imports, whether it be Italo disco, alternative dance or later in the 80s, European influenced industrial techno.  His love for dancing and the crazy fun to be had with his friends made it easy for him to not find himself working as a club DJ.  Though there were many opportunities to spin at many of the local clubs, Jose was more about having the freedom of the weekend and got his DJ kicks through local events and parties.  The lure of being a resident DJ never became a passion he pursued.  Nevertheless, his taste in music was diverse and anytime he played at an event, it was a resounding success.

In the late 90s and the coming of age of electronic music, the passion for music and mixing grew to new levels and so began his love for trance and lounge music, this time adding to his music collection through CD’s and what was the beginning of the music download age using Napster and Limewire.

To this day, DJose still DJ’s and while he is very selective about the events he commits to, has managed to keep his music inventory updated.  He still has most of his vinyl records, but has been able to convert, download or purchase his entire playlist of 50,000+ mp3’s over the last 15 years.

As a DJ, DJose can be described in many ways.  But aggressive, innovative, and cutting edge are the 3 best ways to describe DJose’s style.  He has made a name for himself through his consistency in the music selection and seamless mixing with long flowing mixes that blend one track into the next.   He is also known for his classic and italo disco mixes, second to none with selection and transitions.

That is the art and Jose “DJose” Hernandez is an artist always striving for the perfect mix that becomes music in of itself.