DJ Marnix Mulder

Born in the hot summer of 1979, Marnix Mulder grew up in the centre of The Netherlands. At the
age of 12 he discovered the wonderful new genre of House music. Still a schoolboy, he used all his
pocket money to buy cassette tapes of famous Dutch house compilations like Move The House,
Turn up the Bass & House Party. In the following years several new subgenres emerged, in which
the melodic ones were Marnix’ favourites. That means lots of Eurodance, and instead of the
popular Dutch Hardcore, Marnix chose for German Rave and Hardtrance. That combination of
powerful beats with lots of melodies was golden and formed his music taste.

Some years through genres like Dream House, Club Trance and the famous Pizzicato house
followed and the first Trancemaster! CD’s were collected. And then the year 1999 came, Marnix
discovered a strange imported English mix compilation called Gatecrasher:Wet
It contained a wonderful combination of trance tracks from all over Europe. At that moment Marnix
started to save some money for buying his first turntables. When he bought his first 2 belt drive
turntables and a basic mixer a new world opened. The world was far less international so it was
quite a challenge to get those gems from abroad. In 2005 this trance addiction was expanded with
producing his own tracks with the then brand new FruityLoops software. Exploring all ranges of
trance music his portfolio is very diverse, like all the different music styles he likes to play.

Being a bedroom producer and DJ for many years his collection grew to about 2500 records
ranging from deep progressive house to hardtrance. Around 2007/2008 vinyl records stopped
being the main medium for electronic music and things were getting all digital. Missing the fun
part of buying and spinning part of records, together with a changing sound of trance made that
spinning music was not on his highest rank anymore. But although not too active, this was the
period that Marnix discovered harmonic mixing, which still forms the base of all his mixes. By
combining the harmonies of different tracks, his mixes are full of homemade mash-ups and by
using the harmonic mixing wheel are one continuous journey through harmonies.

In the following years his turntables and record collection were gathering dust. Marnix still followed
the trance scene sideways and made an occasional mix (with Virtual DJ) or track. In 2018
something changed. Marnix and some friends decided to go to a trance festival again after 15
years, so they made a trip to Luminosity Beach Festival 2018. He was overwhelmed by the fact
that this scene was so much more alive than he expected. Especially the fact that there were so
many DJ’s that still played those classic trance tracks. Inspired by those sets Marnix decided to put
some of his older mixes on his SoundCloud page for all those classic trance lovers.

In the past 4 years Marnix created his own themes for his mixes, some modern ones but lots of
classics. For example his yearbooks in honour to those golden years of trance. His Exhibition of
Classic Trance does reflect his personal taste the best, those mixes are always more than 3 hours
to ensure a complete journey through different styles of trance. His personal favourite series is
Hidden Treasures, which completely consists of all those hidden gems from back in the days. Of
course he loves the obvious classics, just as much as all trance lovers, but mixes with only the
well-known classics are sometimes a bit exchangeable. With these hidden treasures he can let
people discover tracks they never heard of and be more unique. It’s his pleasure to provide all
listeners of MasterMixers@Work with a broad range of trance music.