DJ M-Tech

DJ M-Tech: In 1990 I started a drive in show with a couple of friends for all kinds of parties> like weddings, school or dance parties and disco nights.

The music that I played was all round. After a year I became a DJ in a club called Copacabana. Later on I was a resident DJ and every weekend was a big party. It was the time house music was all over the clubs. Of course I also played on a couple of small parties, they were not yet the size of today’s parties.

After this it became quiet for a while, I got myself interested in something different. I focused on the technical aspects of a party, like sound and lights with is used for parties. I developed myself as a true light technician and built many big parties from scratch. After a break of 8 years I had to do something with music again. I went to a record store to buy some records and there it was… M-Tech is back!!!!

A lot had changed in music.. there were a lot more music styles to choose from. At the time I started with house but soon I played trance. After a year I tried Techno and Tech-house for a couple of years but I felt as if something was missing….

2009 was the year I played Trance again and until today I still do because I can put in all my passion for music.> From 2010 till 2012 I also started to organize parties with lots of fun and passion. Now in 2013 is time for other thing for me. No parties to organize anymore, I only play music on different parties and my new passion is: Making Music.

My first track was with a good friend of mine and now I got my own tracks. Power Up Records gives me the opportunity. The 11th of March 2013 will be a day to remember for me…..on that day I’m officially the producer of my own first release exclusively on Beatport.

Every month there is a monthly mix of mine that can be downloaded completely free of charge and without obligation. I think it’s important that music should be accessible> to everyone without any obligation. Recently I also have a contract with Yeiskomp records where my music is now being released.