Dj Juwlz

Hi I’m Julie, 19 years old and I’m having the time of my live. Since one year, I’m Dj’ing house and techno as a sidejob. I’m realy enjoying my proces. Sharing my style of music at events, party’s and hopefully soon also in clubs and at festivals 🎉 my style of music goes from happy house, progressive to melodic, dark and dancetechno. Every Wednesday from 18u to 19u, I will be playing at MasterMixers@Work Transferring you my Wednesdays-Technovibes to make you forget the stress of worries and work. Dancing people are the happiest!!! Enjoy and dance ❤️‍🔥 Please follow me on SoundCloud to follow my progress and latest sets :

Greets Dj Juwlz