DJ Jeizer


Jeissen Jose Zerpa Bolivar is known by his stage name DJ Jeizer or simply Jeizer, he is a disc jockey and producer of different musical styles. His musical career began in 1998 in Venezuela (Caracas), where he lived during most of his childhood and youth. At the starting of his career, he began working on the Island of Margarita Venezuela as a DJ at the Hotel Pueblo Caribe. From that moment he realized that he was made for social and public life as he loved being surrounded by people from different languages and nationalities. This inspired him to follow his passion for music. In 2004, when 27-years old he had the opportunity to go to the Netherlands where he started learning Dutch and cooking at restaurants.

Sooner he established a professional career as Chef Kok. He cooked in Spanish, Mediterranean, Portuguese, Italian, and French restaurants. Learning more and more made him realize that he could also produce music while cooking.

He got the opportunity to participate in different events such as Dance Festival Breda Outdoor, finishing 2nd in the competition of Talent Stage.

In December of 2018, Jeizer had the privilege of being at Yokuboclub presents a special We Rule Ibiza event with the Zaira Muños Organization. It was a beautiful experience for him to be in Ibiza. In the year 2019, he was hired by Europa FM in Tenerife.

He has now released many singles and remixes with Axel Lopez. In 2017, he released his first song Take the Risk, signed by Streamin Music, the singles that had great reception both in Europe and in Venezuela.