DJ Je Moeder

Esther Goedvolk, is DJ at 56. She lives in Amsterdam yet her musical taste transcends generations and geographies. Her artist name is DJ Je Moeder. (Your Mama). She was a DJ in the 80s. Her music selection is old and new school Hip Hop, RnB, Afrobeat, and Motown. In 2013 she was in a wheelchair with a corset after an operation because of a bone tumor in a vertebrae. She got a titanium cage. So, technically she is kind of a bionic woman. It took her about four years to be up and running again. And now again she does what she loves. People are enthusiastic about her mixes and choice of music. Her main goal in life is to be a DJ. She would love to spin her music all around the world and make people happy with music. She cannot think about anything else! Let’s conquer the world.